Saturday, December 31, 2016

Host domain with BLOGGER

Everyone is wondaring about how to host  domain name with Blogger.
Here is the step by step process for doing this...

(Updated: 1/1/2017)

  • First get a domain name with mercantile company by visiting the website. ( CLICK HERE )
  • Fill up the form with correct information.
  • In place of Nameserver, (You have to get nameserver with the free DNS Providers like, , ) I Prefer
  • It takes 24 hours for registeration if the information is correct.
  • during that time visit, register yourself and in the place of domain name enter the domain which you have registered with Mercantile.
  • Now open  create blog with any name like ( later on you will be changing your domain name. after your blog is ready...
  • Click your blog (ie-Blogname), 
  1. then Setting 
  2. Click Basic
  3. Publishing
  4. Blog address
you will find this kind of dialogue box. ( In coloured part there will appear your blog name)
  • Click on the setup a 3rd party URL for your blog  
this kind of box will appear.
  • On Blog Domain enter your registered domain . ( in Mercantile)
  • Note That Begain your Domain Name with www. to 
  • (Ex;-

  • this kind of box will appear in coloured part you will get the particular code with particular domain name. this aint same for all so do not try to copy and paste.
  • it wont save now. so do not close the page and now open in new tab.
  • click on domain and then click manage....
  • now fill up the form with above credientials as provided by google as in above figure....

  • click on the add.. ( here inside red box there will be your domain name in place of and this portion you dont even need to touch)
  • Now click add and fill at the upper right side of the box in the line of contact owner.
  • now fill up the form one at a time.. with the code provided you by google the black coloured portion contain your code. and at the destination take reference as above and fill..
  • and destination like and other ( above 4 ) are same for all website dont forgot to fill that also. it is recommended.
  • now save this all
  • now go to the blogger tab which you havent saved before now click save.....
  • It takes 12-24 hours for all the registeration after you finished this work..
  • Now enjoy your website
  • Happy Blogging..

IF you have any problem dont hesitate to ask me and if you have any new idea feel free to notify me too

Monday, September 5, 2016

Cycling In Nepal From Changunarayan to Nagarkot.

Cycling In Nepal

Cycling From (Route) Pepsicola (Kathmandu) - Mulpani - Changunarayan - Telkot - Nagarkot - Bhaktapur
Cycling In Nepal.

This is Our First Attempt. Please Drop your Review for our future improvement.

had lots of FUN. NEW Experience. New ADVENTURE

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Travelling in Nepal. Cycling from Pepsicola (kathmandu) TO Mulpani TO Changunarayan TO Telkot TO Nagarkot.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How To send facebook message without the messenger app

Are you tired of the of or not happy because facebook now forces you to download messanger app?
Here is the way how to trick the facebook.

If you are using Facebook moble app then you are probably aware about the fact that facebook no longer give you to send the message from the app it force you to download the Messenger for mobile chat.

I think most of you had the same reaction that I did thinking that why should I install next app just to send message and chat with my Friends. Seriously I was annoyed by this and I discovered the cheap way to Trick the Facebook. Here It goes...

First, you can open facebook in your mobile browser, sign into your account, and access the service via web interface.
  So, make it your permanent option, just bookmark the mobile Facebook site (, then add shortcut to your home screen.

Second, This one is for heavy chatter. If you feel annoying as to switch different app, messanger is itself fairly robust, offering easy way to create groups and send photo, video, etc if you are into the short of the thing, you can use it for free video call too.

Final words, Before fully neglecting about the browser, once give it a try.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Perfect Snap

bidhan's photography