• Nepal Earthquake 2015 - 25 April 2015 Black day for NEPAL

    Nepal has been seriously devastated by the recent earthquake. More than 6,000 people have died, thousands more are injured, and countless more have been displaced. Many homes, temples, and public monuments have been destroyed throughout the affected areas. For the Nepal earthquake victims many NGO, INGO and other different organizations (as well as from personal source)  are helpinf from their own sides. Lots of international help is also being received by Nepal. 

    If you are also willing to help the People from Nepal to get rid of this devastating situation then there are various ways you can be involved in.

    If you have good knowledge about the roads maps of your locality around the street of the Nepal then you can use openstreet map to map your location's details like roadways, river, streets etc. with the help of this map Rescue crew member can reach to different affected area to help the people out there. this is simple and easy all the video tutorial are available there to make you easier to undersatnd. I am also involved in this project. you just need computer and internet connection. or you can help out the people in kathmandu living lab or the other voulenteers involved in this work around you. you can find the people in Bhrikutimandap for this there is stall for this.

    Other various voulenteering organizationas are available for you where you can get involve.
    There are various fund raising programmes where you can participate online or find your nearent help desk like clubs, organizations, schools etc they are conducting such programmes.

    Engineers Association of Nepal is also helping people finding faults in their home. They chack your House and provide you with the importrant information about your house whether it is safe for you or not. you can contact them via their email address or calling them in the given phone no.

    Some of the fund raising organizations with their websites are listed below:-

    Furthermore you can find various sources or you can contact me as well.

    Thank you if you have other sources to help then feel free to write me.



    Kathmandu, Nepal